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Distance Learning Unit



The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) has launched a distance learning initiative in the second semester 1440/1439 A.H. which is one of the initiatives to activate distance learning at King Saud University (KSU). The initiative is characterized by it’s inclusiveness for all KSU colleges and works to integrate the efforts of many of its units to support distance learning.


The initiative has the support and follow-up of His Excellency, the University’s Rector. This initiative was launched to keep up with recent trends in teaching and learning that transformed towards E-Learning and distance learning to give the student an active and responsible role in his/her learning and preparing him/her for living and working in the digital society, which is compatible with the university’s objectives.


This initiative contributes in activating modern techniques that supports educational work system which meets the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. The Ministry of Education has launched many initiatives to perform it’s role in achieving the vision’s objectives. Among the most highlighted initiatives are “transforming towards digital education to support the student and teacher’s progress”, “transforming learning into a learner-centered process to develop his/her abilities to face life challenges” and working on “Improving the educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation”. (The National Transformation Program 2020)


Many supporting deanships at the university have joined efforts to make the activation of distance learning initiative successful. The initiative was executed by the university’s colleges in both male and female students’ campuses. One of the leading deanships is the e-Transactions & Communications that provides technical tools to manage the educational process and enable faculty members to communicate with students remotely through the virtual classrooms system.


The Deanship also trains faculty members and students to use these systems by providing digital training courses and receiving inquiries and support requests from faculty members and students through technical support system, also through direct written communication with technicians who are specialized in operating these systems. The Deanship also contributes in developing some digital courses and training faculty members for activating content development tools.


The university’s publishing house has a role in providing most of the digital courses through the publishing house platform application and in cooperation with a specialized national companies. The platform also allows faculty members, students and specialists to enrich the courses through some modern technologies. There will be meetings and workshops for introducing the publishing house’s products and training to benefit from them.


The Deanship of Admission and Registration also participates in achieving the activation of distance learning initiative by following and developing work procedures related to distance learning whenever it is needed.

CELT is responsible for following up and managing this initiative to verify the quality of execution, achieve integration between university units and to achieve excellence in the implementation of distance learning at the university.


This initiative was transformed into a unit by a decision of His Excellency the University’s Rector to establish the Distance Learning Unit on 9/1/1441 AH and it’s administrative decision number is 2/20/13973.